29 March 2023

Behind us is another presentation of products that can be made in just 2 hours in our Termix Mini chamber!

Below are some photos of the delicacies that we managed to prepare.

If only you could smell that wonderful fragrance…

4 March 2023

We already feel spring! Another fishing behind us! We had the opportunity to prepare such goodies 🙂 We guarantee that they taste even better than they look!

19 January 2023

Another chamber has arrived at the customer.

Below we present a short photo report from the assembly and presentation of the device.

8 October 2022

No weather can spoil our smoking!
Smoking in the Termix Mini chamber is always pleasant and always successful, even if it’s raining outside!
Here’s what we’ve prepared today.

19 August 2022

Summer is in full swing and we are not idle!

We smoke regularly every few days, refine recipes and settings of the Termix Mini chamber according to customer expectations.

Below are some results of our work.

23 July 2022

Recently, we had the opportunity to present and install our innovative product at the very nice team from Raspberry Nose!

We are very pleased that you liked our product! Thank you again for your trust !!!